Manuela Dörr

Manuela DörrHi du!
Ich heiße Manuela und blogge für dich über Menschen, Tiere und ihre Kulturen und Beziehungen zueinander.
Dazu reise ich durch die Welt, stelle Fragen und suche Antworten.

How do humans treat and interact with nature?
How is the relationship between people and animals?
Is there a correct behavior?
Questions I am asking to myself by traveling. Beside taking photos I also write down impressions on places, situations and small details. I love getting in touch with people and collect notes on their opinion of culture, nature and animals. I try to comprehend the energy that makes them run their projects – their lives.
Photography gets the people in touch with a new subject, text will get them even closer.
That’s why I wrote a book about my semester abroad.

Thank you for visiting me,

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